T/S Parameters

  1. Free Air Resonance (Fs): 32 Hz
  2. Mechanical Q (Qms): 5.025
  3. Electrical Q (Qes): 0.55
  4. Total Loudspeaker Q (Qts): 0.496
  5. Equivalent Compliance Volume (Vas): 60 L
  6. D.C. Coil Resistance (Re):  2.6Ω
  7. Cone Area (Sd): 126.2 sq in
  8. Linear Excurson (Xmax): 32mm
  9. RMS Power Rating (Prms): 1500RMS
  10. Sensitivity (SPL1w/1m): 89.8 dB
What Do These Specs Mean?


Product Description

The new line of Execution woofers is our best design yet! We have placed this woofer at the top of its price class and we have given it features that you would find in woofers twice its price! The all new design uses a high temp aluminum voice that is wound 1.6″ tall for some extreme excursion. The motor on the new Execution woofer is a wide triple stacked 80oz mot or offering a combined 240oz motor giving the woofer the ability to be a high end SPL woofer!


  1. The driver uses a 14mm top and 20mm back plate giving the Execution woofer additional assistance in completing a full 2″ of excursion.
  2. The cone on the new Execution woofers is a custom tooled pressed cone being one of the lightest and most rigid cones available for an SPL woofer.
  3. The surround that we used on this design is a 5 layer surround giving this woofer complete control while moving in the toughest condition. This 5 layer surround has been tooled with a high rolled front wall giving the woofer additional support and utilizing all the cone area the woofer has to offer!
  4. The Triple layer rolled Nomex spider is one of the best available in an SPL driver, giving the woofer the fullest ability to keep up with the extreme excursion this woofer can offer!
  5. The tinsels on this woofer offer some of the thickest gauge wire possible, allowing the Execution woofers the ability to delivery the most possible power to its voice coil!
  6. These woofers will need to be placed in custom vented enclosures for the best possible output! These woofers are again dual 4ohm so a pair of them can be wired into a 1 ohm mono load from any class d amp!
  7. These woofers can take RMS power of 1500 watts per woofer and can take peak power of 3000 watts depending on the enclosure and style of music!

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