T/S Parameters

  1. Free Air Resonance (Fs): 36.4 Hz
  2. Mechanical Q (Qms): 2.848
  3. Electrical Q (Qes): 0.881
  4. Total Loudspeaker Q (Qts): 0.673
  5. Equivalent Compliance Volume (Vas): 51L
  6. D.C. Coil Resistance (Re): 6Ω
  7. Cone Area (Sd): 74.87 sq in
  8. Linear Excurson (Xmax): 12mm
  9. RMS Power Rating (Prms): 300RMS
  10. Sensitivity (SPL1w/1m): 85.9 dB
What Do These Specs Mean?


Product Description

The woofer can work in a number of pre-made enclosures. The woofer works in a sealed enclosure offering a great overall sound at or around 1.0 cubic foot per driver. We have seen it also installed in some vented enclosures to offer a little more BOOM. Depending on what you are looking to hear! The woofer can be ran into a 4ohm mono load when using a pair of them as this is a good solution for using an inexpensive class AB amplifier or if you are using a mild Class D amplifier , you can also wire a pair into a 1 ohm mono load per pair. Either way this woofer will impress anyone that is shopping in this price range!


  1. The COMP series of woofers are available in a 1 0″ and 12″ model, and they are dual 4ohm sub, being a DVC 4 ohm coil you can wire them into a 4ohm mono load or a 1 ohm mono load when working with a pair of them.
  2. The COMP woofers use a dual NOMEX spider allow the woofer to have very strong linear control.
  3. The COMP woofers also use an integrated tinsel that will allow for better power handling while the woofer is moving at peak excursion.
  4. The motor on the COMP series of woofers is a 65oz. Y35 motor offering great motor strength. It is also extended and vented to allow additional cooling ability.
  5. The voice coil on the COMP woofers is a 2″ aluminum voice coil that has a higher temperature allowance than many other woofers in this price class! The higher the temperature the more power the woofer can take!
  6. The cage on the COMP series woofer is a TJ Steel cage that allows great heat dissipation and with vented outlets on the cage you are assured the best cooling in the voice coil gap!
  7. The cone on the COMP woofer is a very rigid vacuumed poly cone and its a one piece cone giving it additional strength.
  8. The surround is a 3 layer butyl surround offering additional linear control.
  9. The COMP woofer has been one of our best selling woofers and it leads its price class as its packed with features normally found in high-end woofers.

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