Technical Features

  1. Continuous Power Rating (RMS)- Measured at 14.4 Battery Volts
    • 4 Ω Load Per Channel : 50 Watts x 2
    • 2 Ω Load Per Channel : 75 Watts x 2
    • 4 Ω Load Bridged (Mono) : 150 Watts x 1
  2. Amplifier Fuse Rating (Amp / Type) : (2)20A / AWG
  3. Dimensions:
    • Height : 2.0″ (5.08cm)
    • Width : 10.5″ (26.67cm)
    • Length : 12.25″ (31.11cm)


Product Description

The DX300.4 is our 4channel class AB amplifier. Its a great amp to run all your mids and highs in a clean 4ohm stereo per channel! The DX300.4 will also run a complete audio system while working in a mixed mono load, running 2 channels for mids and highs and the other two channels running a single or pair of comp woofers! Gives you a great affordable solution for any audiophile!


  1. Like the DX200.2 the DX300.4 will accept 8ga power and ground and offers a full adjustable crossover on each pair of channels, giving you full flexability.
  2. The DX300.4 also has the self venting heatsink design to allow cool air in and out of the amplifier.

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