DX200.2 (2-Channel)

Technical Features

  1. Continuous Power Rating (RMS)- Measured at 14.4 Battery Volts
    • 4 Ω Load Per Channel : 75 Watts x 2
    • 2 Ω Load Per Channel : 100 Watts x 2
    • 4 Ω Load Bridged (Mono) : 200 Watts x 1
  2. Amplifier Fuse Rating (Amp / Type) : (1)30A / AWG
  3. Dimensions:
    • Height : 2.0″ (5.08cm)
    • Width : 10.5″ (26.67cm)
    • Length : 10.24″ (26.00cm)


Product Description

The DX200.2 is our entry level 2 channel class AB amplifier. This amplifier is very versatile in what it can do. For starters if you are doing a speaker upgrade this will be a great amp to run those speakers, or if you are adding a component set to a vehicle this will also be a great amplifier to provide clean accurate sound. The DX200.2 produces 75 watts RMS x 2 @ 4ohms at 13.8volts.


  1. The amplifier has a full adjustable crossover so running a speaker to a subwoofer is possible with the DX200.2. The amplifier will produce more power in a 2ohm stereo load or a 4ohm mono load. We have seen alot of success with many customers showcasing a combo of the DX200.2 with a pair of Comp woofers in a 4ohm mono load.
  2. The DX200.2 will over produce around 350 watts of RMS power in this rating and is good enough amount of power to please any entry level listener.
  3. The amplifier will take 8ga power and ground wire and has a self venting heatsink that allows for great heat dissipation.

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