LC6 neo-pro (6.5″ Mid)

Technical Specifications

  1. Speaker Size: 6.5″
  2. RMS Power Rating (Prms): 200Watts / 8 Ohm
  3. Magnet Type: Neo
  4. Loudspeaker Design: Shallow


Product Description

The line of Loud and Clear speakers are available in a 3″ tweeter, 6.5″, 8″ and 1 0″ models, along with our brand new Neo 6.5″ and Neo Pro 6.5″. These speakers are designed to play at a much higher efficiency than most speakers in these conventional sizes. The line of Loud and Clear speakers will perform like a performance PA speaker. We have seen these style speakers become very popular in many different Latin and regatone style audio systems.


  1. We build our models to use all high temp coils and nomex spiders to give the speakers a more durable feel.
  2. In our 3rd year of making the Loud and Clear speakers we have seen the use of them grow to many different audio systems including using them in SPL vehicle where you need more mids and highs to keep ups with the woofers!
  3. The line of Loud and Clear speakers use a aluminum phase plug which will allow for better overall sound quality.
  4. The speakers have Bohm voice coils which allows for multiple speakers to be driven off a single amplifier.

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