AMP500 (8-Gauge Wire Kit)


  1. 17′ 8 Gauge Red Power Cable
  2. 3′ 8 Gauge Silver Ground Cable
  3. 17′ Twisted RCA Cables
  4. 17′ 18 Gauge Torn-On Wire (Blue)
  5. 15′ Speaker Wire
  6. AGU Fuse Holder w/60 amp fuse

Hardware Pack

  1. (2) 8 Gauge Ring Terminals
  2. (2) 8 Gauge Spade Terminals
  3. (10) 4″ Black Wire Ties


Product Description

The Elevation Audio 500 Watt Amp Installation Kit, a Premium kit that delivers superior audio performance, using 100% Copper Wire, Twisted Pair RCA cables for better sound, complete with turn-on and speaker wires, 8 gauge power and ground cable! Available in 4ga and 8ga, these kits, unlike many other kits, offer a 100% copper wire, no aluminum mixes that use a 70/30 mix – the copper in some of those mixes is sometimes less than 30%! – Some of those inexpensive power kits are causing amplifiers to run under stronger loads due to the lack of current, but not ours!


  1. Our kits being 100% copper will provide a great source of power for
    your amplifier.
  2. Our kits come with everything you will need to install your single
    amplifier system.
  3. The strand count on all of our kits is much lower than other power
    kits that you see in the market, but please keep in mind that ours
    is 100% copper.
  4. Most of our dealers will attach these power kits to any subwoofer
    or amplifier package and offer them at a $49 or a $69 price point!
  5. If your looking for a great priced power kit, these are it!